Our Team

Ben Martin

FOUNDER, DIRECTOR, & PRESIDENT – Ben served as an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) crewman with the 7th Marine regiment out of 29 Palms, CA. After his enlistment in 2006, Ben enrolled in college and studied a variety of disciplines including writing, web design, and branding. In between classes, he found a passion for small business and entrepreneurship which equipped him to start Dauntless Wine Company in 2014 while attending college studying viticulture and enology.

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Carrie Martin

TREASURER – Carrie entered college with a passion for helping others. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a double major in Psychology and Art with a minor in Business. She went on to receive a Masters in Art Therapy Counseling and a Post-Bac in Graphic Design. Carrie met Ben in 2011 after they were hired for the same marketing position and they have worked in tandem ever since.

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Matthew Blankenship

SECRETARY – Matthew Joined the Army delayed entry program at 17 years old and shipped out in shortly after graduation in 2000 to serve his country. His plans to make a career in public service were soon interrupted when an injury sustained in training lead him to a medical discharge less than a year and a half later. After his discharge, he had difficulty reintegrating into civilian life until enrolling in college in 2006 looking for a fresh start and a new purpose.

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Ken Fritts

DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS – Ken served as a Marine with the 3rd Battalion 6th Marine regiment out of Camp Lejeune North Carolina. After his enlistment, he studied Cybersecurity and Networking systems gaining his undergraduate degree in computer science. Shortly after graduating college, he began his career at Nike. Ken discovered Dauntless Wine Co. in early 2020 and was eager to get involved with the Dauntless Veteran Foundation as a way of assisting fellow service members.

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Martina Bialek

STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR – Prior to immigrating to the US in 2018, Martina lived in Israel for over 10 years where she earned a B.A. in Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy with a minor in Counter-terrorism and International Affairs and an M.A in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies. Martina served in the Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit as the Head of the Spanish Media Department, where she founded the IDF’s Spanish-language presence online and with international media partners such as AP, AFP, Reuters, and more.

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Leanne Babcock

Leanne is a Total Force Citizen Airman with 21 years, and counting, in uniform. She served five years in the Oregon and California Air National Guard as an enlisted vehicle mechanic. Four years Active Duty Air Force then transitioned to the Air Force Reserve in 2013. She has deployed five times and worked in a variety of executive and operational positions. She is an Individual Mobilized Augmentee assigned to the NORAD and USNORTHCOM J4 Logistics and Engineering Directorate at Peterson Space Force Base, CO.

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