Leanne Babcock

Leanne is a Total Force Citizen Airman with 21 years, and counting, in uniform. She served five years in the Oregon and California Air National Guard as an enlisted vehicle mechanic. Four years Active Duty Air Force then transitioned to the Air Force Reserve in 2013. She has deployed five times and worked in a variety of executive and operational positions. She is an Individual Mobilized Augmentee assigned to the NORAD and USNORTHCOM J4 Logistics and Engineering Directorate at Peterson Space Force Base, CO.

Leanne is a boots on ground Executive Director. She enjoys representing DVF at events vectored toward advancing our mission and vision. Leanne is a seasoned servant leader with experience managing and advocating for many non-profit and Veteran organizations. When not in uniform, you will find Leanne back home in Oregon working in the tasting room or teaching fitness classes.

For speaking engagement requests or event support, please reach her here.