Our values

Dauntless Veteran Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on helping veterans transition from the battlefield to the home front.


At Dauntless Veteran Foundation (DVF) our work is guided by our core values; Growth, Transformation, Camaraderie, Community Support, and Continued Service. Each one of these values speaks to the mission and vision of DVF

Growth – We want to provide growth opportunities for our veterans out of the uniform and through the soil. From growing out of the uniform into the vineyard we take every step, no matter how big or small, as an opportunity for growth. We believe that growth is both professional and personal and that if you are not growing yourself or those around you, you are stagnating or dying.

Transformation – Being a veteran-operated organization we know that It’s hard to transition out of the military. At a young age, service members are re-programmed from an individualist into a collectivist. Unfortunately, the military does not de-program this collectivist mindset, and fresh veterans are thrown to the sharks and are expected to adopt on their own. That’s why DVF remains loyal to Veterans to help them grow their own Autonomy, self-determination, and self-reliance. DVF‘s primary goal is to train and equip veterans to transform their talents from the field to the farm. Broadly, our goal is to help veterans rehabilitate and reintegrate through agriculture.

Camaraderie – Camaraderie among service members and allies is perhaps/arguably one of the strongest bonds of humankind. DVF strives to embody this mutual trust and friendship among others to cultivate a culture of self-sustainment. We strive to build strong bonds with both our supporters and our participants. Camaraderie comes naturally when a group of like-minded individuals set out on a mission together. Whether you served 30 years ago or you are just transitioning to civilian life, Dauntless Veteran Foundation welcomes you. 

Community SupportDVF values the idea of community to ensure that communities/farmers/veterans are self-sufficient and less reliant on corporations by creating high-quality food sources and sustainable practices. It is important to provide veterans with support and a sense of community as they transition back to civilian life. The skills, tools, and relationships built here to increase the strength of any community we work with.

Continued Service – Continue your service to others by giving back where it’s greatly needed! DVF offers veterans a way to continue serving their country and community through providing the skills and experience necessary to begin a life in agriculture. We know that veterans believe in serving a higher purpose, and we aim to provide an atmosphere and skills to enable others to continually serve their communities and be self-sustained.