The mission for the Dauntless Veteran Foundation (DVF) is simple, to train and equip veterans to translate their talents from the field to the farm. Broadly, our goal is to help Veterans rehabilitate and reintegrate through agriculture.

But why farming?

Simply because the median age of farmers in America is 58, and two out of every three retiring farmers are not being replaced. Youth are not getting into agriculture; forcing family farms to sell to “big-ag”. This perpetuates food insecurity with supply chains relying on “just-in-time” produce, which is highly wasteful and makes communities reliant and unprepared.

Veterans are needed now more than ever to maintain food security for the nation. Soldiering and farming have been intertwined for millennia because both require hard work and attention to detail; while tending the land is perhaps one of the oldest methods of post-war therapy. Holistic farming is a perfect therapeutic and professional alternative for Veterans to find peace and a meaningful occupation. Studies have shown that healthy soil is home to billions of probiotic bacteria that can regulate mood and mitigate the symptoms of PTSD through the release of serotonin via the gut (or lung) to brain pathway. Not only that, soil can act as a tactile therapy that can help relieve the symptoms of TBI.

  • AgeThe median age of a farmer is 58 & two out of every three farmers are not being replaced
  • Food“big-ag” “just-in-time” produce leads to food insecurities and increased waste