Therapy rehabilitation program

Dauntless Veteran Foundation (DVF) aims to provide funding for approved veterans to afford and participate in therapeutic rehabilitation programs/services in partnership with approved rehabilitation partners.

Soldiering and farming have been intertwined for millennia because both require hard work and attention to detail while tending the land is perhaps one of the oldest methods of post-war therapy. Holistic farming is a perfect therapeutic and professional alternative for veterans to find peace and a meaningful occupation. Studies have shown that healthy soil is home to billions of probiotic bacteria that can regulate mood and mitigate the symptoms of PTSD through the release of serotonin via the gut (or lung) to brain pathway. Not only that, but soil can also act as a tactile therapy that can help relieve the symptoms of TBI.


The increasing number of individuals developing PTSD calls for an active effort to identify and develop suitable evidence-based treatments. Common treatments offered to veterans today are medical and mental care. These treatments often last many years because they reduce symptoms; however, they do not cure the condition. For some individuals, these treatments make their daily life bearable and enable them to manage a job, whereas others only experience a minor effect of the treatment, or may even experience adverse effects that are perceived as worse than the positive effect of the treatments.

Nature has been used for health improvement purposes for centuries. During World War I (WWI), a specific therapy, often referred to as horticultural therapy, was established and offered to soldiers who were traumatized during combat. The number of Western soldiers who suffered mental trauma during WWI and in subsequent wars facilitated the development of a horticultural therapy profession Therapy Rehabilitation can be achieved in a variety of ways. Below is a list of therapeutic options that DVF seeks to provide the necessary resources to veterans.

  • 1v1 Counseling
  • Therepeutic Horticulture
  • Therapy Gardening
  • Group Yoga classes
  • Rock Climbing

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