How will DVF benefit Oregon veterans?

Oregon veterans have a new ally in agriculture – the Dauntless Veteran Foundation (DVF)! Our vision at DVF is to create a network of interdependent and self-sufficient veteran farms practicing sustainable agriculture through community based education and production. DVF will provide two programs that enable veterans to get in to agriculture and start their own farms:

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Introducing the Dauntless Veteran Foundation

The mission for the Dauntless Veteran Foundation is simple, to train and equip veterans to translate their talents from the field to the farm. Broadly, our goal is to help Veterans rehabilitate and reintegrate through agriculture.

But why farming?

Simply because the median age of farmers in America is 58, and two out of every three retiring farmers are not being replaced. Youth are not getting into agriculture; forcing family farms to sell to “big-ag”. This perpetuates food insecurity with supply chains relying on “just-in-time” produce, which is highly wasteful, and makes communities reliant and unprepared.

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