How will DVF benefit Oregon veterans?

Oregon Veterans have a new ally in their mission to build an interdependent network of successful veteran farmers making their way into the agricultural and winemaking industries after their service. 

Dauntless Veterans Foundation (DVF) offers 4 ways to help the budding winemakers break into this great industry:

First, DVF will offer a stipend for those who enroll in our Program to immerse themselves into the highly rewarding field of viticulture and agriculture.  

DVF’s goal is to remove as many barriers to those who are interested  in the field by also offering Veterans the tools, clothing, and equipment required to become your own professional viticulturist. These items range from simple necessities such as boots and gloves, to irrigation equipment, and costs of fuel for operations, amongst others. 

We want Veterans interested in the industry to have the necessary resources and best opportunities for success in the field and in the classroom. Our foundation offers scholarship opportunities to attend programs related to this field of study to be used at accredited colleges and universities across the United States as well as other VA approved or sponsored programs. 

The most important value that  DVF adds to the farmworking and veteran communities in Oregon is a network of experts and other knowledgeable individuals who are eager to connect  with newcomers and share their hard-earned knowledge and expertise with veterans interested in breaking into this field. 

Our ultimate goal is to help translate the resilience and strength of our veterans from the field to the farm through scholarships, apprenticeships, networking opportunities and beyond. 

Learn more about DVF’s mission here.