OUR response to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan

As an organization supporting veterans we at Dauntless Veteran Foundation know that for all of us who served in Afghanistan or in support of wearing the cloth of our nation, the events of the last few weeks have been difficult to watch, and even more challenging to understand. We will continue to stand united and we want to reaffirm to each of you of something you already know, but something we want to further emphasize over this period of reflection.

Our veterans and military have and continue to serve with great honor, that every day they fight with great valor, and that every day they execute(d) their job in an unforgiving hostile environment, far from their families and home yet always acquitting themselves with the greatest of distinction, while seeking to make Afghanistan a safer and better place for the people we were protecting. It wasn’t easy, we lost brothers, sisters, loved ones who will never be forgotten.

We endured endless patrols, firefights, IED strikes and unforgiving weather, but never backed down. We answered the call every day without fail and did our jobs. No matter the stunning events of the past few weeks, nothing can diminish our selfless service to our nation, and the accomplishments achieved for the people of Afghanistan over the 2 decades.

We cannot control what occurs after we are gone, nor can we control the political winds that blow; all we can do is accomplish our assigned tasks and missions to the best of our ability while we are there, and that is something we did magnificently and will forever be proud of. 

Our hearts go out to the countless people we encountered in Afghanistan, who with hopeful eyes and open hearts, invited many of us into their homes, shared meals with us and trusted that we would make their country a better place for them and their children.