Musket and spade: the meaning behind our BRAND

Symbology is important for any group or association. It quickly gives an abstract depiction of what the group represents. For us, the symbology we use is simple – a crossed musket and spade. The two are crossed to represent how easily they are interchanged. Soldiering and farming have been intertwined for millennia since farmers from antiquity were also the first line of defense from an invading force.

We chose the musket in particular because it represents an era of change – it is the bridge from antiquity into the industrial era. It represents the power of continued service and our desire to fight for something bigger than ourselves — the reintegration of our service members back into civilian life. We also believe that this is a symbol of the burden to protect and defend that we all chose to carry. That journey started with military service and defense of our country and has morphed into the equally critical need to protect and defend our family and community through independence and self-reliance. We believe that farming is a great way to claim your power and focus it in a healthy and useful direction which is an excellent way to continue this tradition of service. 

The spade is one of the most recognized farming tools in the world because it has supported farmers and individuals working the land for ages.  For us, the spade symbolizes our commitment to working the land with honor and with sustainability in mind. We also believe that it represents the hard physical and mental work involved in farming your land and taking care of yourself, your family, and your community. Though the labor is both physically and mentally taxing it is worth the outcomes. The pride of ownership and personal power along with the positive mental health aspects all represent our beliefs that transitioning from the military to farming can be very helpful for both the person transitioning out and those people in their immediate family and community.

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