Our mission: To train and equip veterans to translate their talents from the field to the farm

When you ask a Veteran what kind of training they have had, the answer can range by branch of service, career field, and operational experience. But what you hear during a conversation, interview, or read on a resume does not convey the memories associated with those experiences.

Each answer has one aspect of training in common; we all started in the same place. We all had wake-ups before the sun rose, marched everywhere, and spoke in reporting statements. We were challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Why? So when we arrived at our first unit of assignment, we could be equipped by the subject matter experts and meld it all together. What made us Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Coasties, and Guardians is what we want to refine and retrain back into the land. Whether you are retired, separated, or still serving in the Guard or Reserve, we want to harness your inherent talent. We want to equip you with access to the land and quality instruction to further your goals. There will be early wake ups, you will be challenged. But you have been through worse. No experience needed, just your raw talent and enthusiasm to learn.

Many veterans feel a connection to the land in some way for a multitude of reasons. This is reflective in where veterans choose to live – almost a quarter of the Veteran population resides in rural areas compared to 18.6 percent of the civilian population according to the Department of Veteran Affairs. The veteran community is primed for agriculture — by and large veterans know hard work, attention to detail, are handy with the trades, and can handle the stressors related to harvest and processing. Farming is not easy, but neither is military life — the two however have been intertwined for millennia, and it’s time to reunite them in America.

Agriculture is inclusive of cultivating soil to grow everything from grapes, vegetables, herbs and more. Connect with us to find out more about our conceptual programs and how we can help you get you from the field to the farm.